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Horrible Sound FX

This "oceanic" inhale and exhale indicator sounds are awful!!! They are very noisy and do not cleary indicate the start nor end of a repetition. The rest is ok. Good thing you can set all 4 times (inhale pause exhale pause)

Helpful but full of bugs

This is helpful for practicing paced breathing but it could be a lot better. The timer feature does not work (you can set it but it doesnt do anything) and there are buttons that go off the edge of the screen making them useless. Seems like this would be easy to fix.

Nice design and works great!

Ive used this to relax before going to sleep and it is really effective! Nice graphic design as well.

Buy a BreathPacer and use the savings to buy shoes

This is the best... as a multi-tasking mom who works fulltime and has two kids I have finally found some relief. Less yelling, less stressing... it totally works. It is discreet, lovely to use, and is MUCH less money than therapy, a daily candy bar, or a martini. I plan on using my savings to buy SHOES!

great on the train!

I am so happy that I got this app! I use it on the train during my commute to and from work and it has really helped me relax and arrive to work (and home from work) refreshed and with a clearer head. Well worth the $2.99...

Great tool

I use this as a supplement to my breathing practice and it really helps me focus on my breath and the duration of each. It is also great to have some visuals to focus on and now when I see the graphics, I automatically focus on my breath. Great program!

Great idea

I own a Resperate which is a special little device for a couple hundred dollars that does something similar. This is VERY handy to have with me all the time. Seems to work pretty well. It would be nice to have a toggle timer that would allow you to set it for either no time limit or a specific number of minutes (15 or 20) so that it would stop on its own, once you completed the breathing session. I like to use it when I am getting ready for bed so it would be nice if it turned off on its own after the timer finished. I like the rain sound that it plays but it would be nice if there was a little more difference between the inhale and exhale sound or something so that you could know when you are at the end of the inhale or exhale from the sound. The visuals are great but if you want to close your eyes to do this, you have to pay attention closely. Well worth the price if you want to use this technique to lower your blood pressure and relax.

Simple yet effective

Well-designed and useful to help one guide their breath. Id love to have the ability to save a few presets. The accompanying sound is pleasant and unobtrusive. My recommendation would be to insert a short pause at the end of each inhale-exhale cycle. This would make the rhythm more clear if you are not looking at the visual.

Quite good...

This is a wonderful application to clear your mind and focus on the moment. Thank you, Larva Labs! The only thing that I would like to see in an update is a change in the breathing meter. It is good at this point, but would like to see the meter as a solid bar, rather than incremental lines (which, as one gradually uses fewer breaths per minute, becomes jolting). I would also like to see the green display run out to the very edge of the screen - the white border starts to burn out your eyes after a while, even with the phones brightness settings changed. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for such a nice application.

Very simple, straight-forward application that does what it claims. One recommendation I have would be to allow the breath-holding portion to be customizable to 20 seconds (or more), for yoga practitioners.

This is a Fantasticaly perfect app

Whats not to like about it? You just set your height, and click start. You listen to rainforest? music paced to your breathing. And, you also watch a bar move up-down. Its realy helpful for anxiety attacks, & to settle yourself down if you feel nauseous. Great breathing - wellbeing is what youre missing out on.. itll pay for itself in no time

Good App but it leaves room for improvement...

This is a good App but I was disappointed at the relative limited ability to customize the in hold exhale part of the breathing. Say if you want to use the Relaxing Breath recommended by Andrew Weil which is 4 count in, 7 count hold, and 8 count exhale. You can do this on the App but it goes too fast for my comfort. I would rather customize it for an 8 count in, 14 count hold, and 16 count exhale, but the App doesnt allow you to do this. The hold portion only allows you to hold for 9.9, no further. Also, its not really needed but I think it would be nice to have a big picture of the lungs on the screen instead of just the bars. There is a small picture of the lungs but its really too small.

it does not work anymore

Good app, but it does not work anymore on OS 3.0. Any solution? best

Almost perfect!

This does work on 3.0 for me. It is a simple app that does exactly what it says. There are a few minor additions I would like to see to make it a 5 star app that would rival much more expensive biofeedback options.

Could be better

I found the blood pressure reducer app much easier and more effective. This one has a few faults: the rain sound does NOT help you know when to breathe. The app needs a better audio cue (soft bells sounds, etc.) so you cna use it without looking at the screen. The self-adjustment chart is too complicated and useless.

Crashes with iphone os 3.1

It is a reasonable app which does the job, but does not work any more with the iphone os 3.1 update.

Crashes with firmware 3.1.1

The app quits abruptly with the new firmware 3.1.1 for itouch. Please fix this issue

Good app- does its job

It does its job though I want to make some suggestions. *improve sound so that without looking at it we can tell if it hits the top or not as the sound dosent communicate that very well at the moment. *integrate sound so it can play with music - potentially aiding runners who want help pacing their breathing while running *integrate binaurial or isochronic beats in it that are set to relax us...this way we get a bit of help relaxing when we turn it on. (make this a feature we can turn off)

does not work with 3.1

Larva Labs needs to fix this glitch with 3.1

Great app for sleep and relaxation, lowering blood pressure

I have used this app for over two years, and it really helps get me to sleep at night. You can set how long to run it, and what your target brreathing rate should be. Its also very useful for stress reduction. There is a product for lowering blood pressure you can buy called the Respirate. It is a machine that measures your breathing rate and with heard phones and custom tones, gets your breathing rate below 10 breathes a minute for a set period of time. This is clinically proven to lower blood pressure if done regularly. Well, its really easy to do this with the BreathPacer and it doesnt cost $300! My only criticism is that the sound of inhaling and exhaling are not that different, and sometimes it takes a second to hear which I am supposed to do. The rising sound and the descending sound are too similar and dont have quite enough differentation.

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